Sunday, October 23, 2011

A good Man is hard to find.

WOW this story was really dark, i was about a family taking a trip to Florida and the grandma says they shouldn't go because of a misfit that got away for jail. Well they run into this misfit and his gang, they kill everyone that was in the car, they leave the grandma for last. He shoots her in the chest 3 times. I really don't understand what the author was trying to say with this one. with all of the killing it kinda of got in the way of my understanding.


  1. What do you think after our discussion this morning?

  2. it really helped me a lot. I never thought about how this could have been stopped if just one person would have stood up for themselves. The father just didn't care about what went on with the family. And the Grandmother was her way or no way. but she wasn't a good women until she got 3 shots in the chest. i was taken back that no one in the family tried to fight back i know i would have, if they are going to kill me I'm going down with a fight