Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Harrison Bergeron

This story takes place in the future and everyone is equal. No one was smarter than anybody else, no body was better looking than anybody else, and no was stronger or quicker than anybody else. You have George who was  average intelligence he had a mental handicap radio so he wasn't smarter than anyone else. His wife hazel was just your normal every day person. Long story short the government comes a takes away their son Harrison for no apparent reason. They said it was tragic but George and Hazel couldn't think about it very hard. Harrison escapes from jail and gets on the TV and says that he is taking over. and Takes all of the Handicapping things they put on him off. Which is illegal, the government comes in and kills him. The TV dies so the mother couldn't see it and George was in the kitchen getting a beer, his mental handicap radio kicks in and he forgets what he saw and Hazel cant think for very long so she is upset but doesn't know why.

We are always fighting for equality and this shows us a darker side to this equality. Were they didn't make everyone smarter, they make everyone dumber. And we have to think is this the equality that we want when we talk about equality.

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  1. "The darker side of equality" is definitely a great way to explain this story. Thanks so much for coming up with that! :)