Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Short Happy life of Francis Macomber

First off the marriage is a wreck from the get go. So they decide to go on a hunt in Africa to see if they can rekindle there lost romance. Its just Macomber his Wife Margot and their guide Wilson. during the hunt with Wilson macomber runs away from a loin they had shot when it jumped at the two when they tired to finish it off. Is wife hates this and runs away crying from the dinner table. later on in the story Margot sleeps with Wilson because Wilson is more of a man than her husband and she is turned on by that. The story ends when they are hunting buffalo and this time when they go in for the kill macomber doesn't run away but stands his ground and his wife shoots from the car and kills him.

What i think about this story is Margot didn't want a husband that wasn't going to be a man that's why she slept with Wilson. When macomber finally got a hold of this idea and he started to change the way he acts to stand up for himself, she didn't like that. Margot had gotten used to the idea of a weak husband and didn't want to give up that power. So i believe she killed her own husband.


  1. It really does seem like Margot set Macomber up to fail. First, she abuses the fact that Macomber isn't good with women and that he wont leave her. Then, she doesn't think he is a "man", so she sleeps with Wilson. I'm sure this made Macomber feel even worse about himself. Finally, when Macomber gains some self confidence she shoots him.

    I think you're right. She really doesn't seem to want to be married at all, but especially to Macomber.

  2. No she didnt want to be married at all. she just wanted to go around and have fun.