Monday, November 7, 2011

EB White Charlotte's Web

This is an excerpt from Charlotte's Web, its after Wilbur wins the ceremony. Wilbur finds out that Charlotte is dying and that she will not be able to make it back to the farm. So Wilbur comes up with an idea to get Charlotte's eggs and take them with him. He try's to get Templeton to help him with the egg sac but Templeton puts up a fight and doesn't want to help. Templeton brings up all of the times that he has helped Wilbur in the past and never has gotten a thank you. Wilbur makes a deal with him and Templeton helps him, Charlotte dies knowing that her children are safe. 

I Think that this story was put here for us to see how Templeton treats Wilbur and Charlotte. Charlotte is about to die Wilbur is trying to help save her babies, and all that Templeton can think about is what is in it for me? He isn't wanting to help because its the right thing to do. This goes along with the theme of the individual and not helping to serve the greater good.

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