Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feed Part 2

After utopia  things return to so what of a normal life Titus in the beginning that is. There seems to be a disconnect between everyone in his family. They are all doing their own thing listening and watching the feed. He starts to date Violet and she takes him to meet her father. He is a very strange man would at times uses an older version of the feed system that has a backpack unit. When reading this book it looks like to me that the world is falling apart all around him and he doesn't notice it at all. Like he is a drone going to School(which the companies now own) then going to buy things that the feed suggest.

Violet shakes up his world to this way of thinking, she'll go into stores and ask for big ticket items and ask all of these questions and then not buy them (to throw off the feed) Titus friends think that she is weird that she is always asking questions and saying dumb things, Titus defends her.Violet finally tells Titus that her feed unit is messed up and that she will die if she doesn't get a new one. The book carries on and she gets worst and worst they break up and the failed attempt to have sex.

Violets father calls Titus when Violet is basically brain dead he tells her that the global alliance had issued more warnings about the possibility of total war if their demands were not met. I think Titus finally got what Violet was trying to say the whole time. "It turned out that my upcar was not the kind of upcar my friends rode in. I don't know why. It had enough room, but for some reason people didn't think of it that way. Sometimes that made me feel kind of tired. It was like i kept buying these things to be cool, but cool was always flying just ahead of me, and i could never exactly catch up to it" The feed kept selling them things to make them cool, (see the girls and their clothing styles) but the moment the changed the "cool" thing to do was wear something else. I used to feel the same way maybe if i bought this shirt ill be cool, and you still see it in today's TV/Radio Ads.

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  1. This idea of buying things to be "cool" is something we all experience as teenagers. Peer pressure and media influence all add to this consumeristic view that teens (and even adults) have. I think if Titus were around today he would be the typical American (upper-middle class) teenager. His life is filled with "stuff" rather than meaningful knowledge and information. The way the feed tries to soothe Titus by showing him things he might like proves that he is completely driven by consumerism. Meeting Violet definitely shakes things up for Titus, and I really think she forces him to start thinking like an individual.