Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Sliver Dish

Woody is a businessman in south Chicago, he wasn't a ignorant man. He had went to seminary school for two years during the depression. Once woody left school he begin to travel the world seeing the different sights and he brought back some hashish from Kampala, he was afraid that the customs agent was going to find it. Then the story takes a different turn and starts talking about his family and to me it seems like woody is the only one that is "normal" everyone else in his family everyone seems to have a problem.

Then he talks about he death of his father, and how to didn't let the undertaker's assistant to dress him, woody did it himself. Graveside Woody rolled up his sleeves and began to cover his father with dirt, he called it the final duty of a son.

I'm confused with the 1st part of the story, but once we start the paragraph with "Woody," then i'm good to go. this is a good story it flowed real easy, and i like what he said about "its the final duty of a son" that really hit me, and made me want to call my father just to say hey, because he wont be here forever.

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  1. i didnt know there was more than one page to this story, but from what i heard in class it seemed like a very interesting story.