Sunday, September 4, 2011

Federalist No.51

James Madison talks about the government and how it should be seperated into three different branches, and that those positions should be filled from people that live in the United States. The reasoning behind this is we want people that live with us, that go through the everyday grind with us to be representing us in this new government. But Madison thinks this about the judiciary department "In the constitution of the judiciary department in particular, it might be inexpedient to insist rigorously on the principle: first, because peculiar qualifications being essential in the members, the primary consideration ought to be to select that mode of choice which best secures these qualifications; secondly, because the permanent tenure by which the appointments are held in that department, must soon destroy all sense of dependence on the authority conferring them" A normal person just cant be a judge, we would need people that went to school and law school. And another thing i liked was the second part were once they are a judge the people that conferred them would have no power over them. This is such so judges would not be scared into ruling a certain way. The only dependence the three branches of government should have is a dependence on the people.

Madison later talks about how the people will be given up power to a single government, and this government is going to be self regulating. Power is going to be broken up into parts, and they are all going to be each other in check, this later was known as checks and balances. He also talks about how the government should be run, either by a common will or in case since we give the government its power. So yes our leaders have power over us, but only because we gave it to them and we can take it away at anytime.

When i read this paper i feel like he was trying to tell everyone that it was going to be okay, that this government will be here to serve us. I think back on it now and it makes sense if the major of people felt like what the person was feeling in the Federalist No.1 paper i can understand why people would be scared. I kind of think of it like this, you break up your boyfriend or girlfriend, and this person was been really bad to you. Treating you like dirt and making you pay for every meal and expense. A few days/weeks later you meet that new person and at first glance they seem like their are great! But your alittle scared that they will just turn out like that last one.

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  1. Nice analogy at the end! We were just starting out - as you say.