Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stowe Two Altars

This is a set of two short stories, the first one is setting during the winter of the 1776 which at that time the Revolutionary war was taking place. Dick makes a quote during on page 2 which i liked "Don't you cry, Gracie; you offered it up to liberty, you know: it's glorious to give up everything for liberty." Which agree with Dick very much it is glorious to give everything up for liberty. Its a theme that is replayed through out the history books, men dying for what they believe in. Since these are women and children they are not allowed to fight during this time, so at the end of the story the give almost everything they have to the troops to help them during the winter months, this is what they give up for liberty.

In the second story which takes place in 1850 is about a young black family, doing what they can to make a living in the town of Boston. Then one day some one comes and arrest their father and say that he is property of Mr. B of Georgia. Again there is a quote that i like its in the last paragraph "Go it!" shout the crowd; "good!—good!—hurra!" "An impressive idea!" says a Senator; "a noble maintaining of principle!" and the man is bid off, and the hammer falls with a last crash on his heart, his hopes, his manhood, and he lies a bleeding wreck on the altar of Liberty!" i like the way its worded in the last sentence it really hits home for me. With one swing of the hammer a man's life is ended, all of his hopes and dreams are gone. Again another offering to the altar.

this one i found easy to read and i really enjoyed reading it!  i really don't have any questions about this. Did anyone catch the fact in the first story she was talking about how our country would be a great one( which is it    it has its faults just like anything else) with FREE and EQUAL LAWS. Well lets be honest after the Revolutionary war not everyone had these rights, if my memory serves me correct only white men had those rights. Everyone else was put down for along time after that. Funny how things first workout huh?


  1. I caught that too. I think the woman in that story really symbolized the pride ever American wants to have for their country. That family was so brave and all they wanted to do was support the American soldiers during the war. The second story really drove home the fact that even after all of that fighting this country still kept many people oppressed.

  2. I agree with you serenity! there is a lot of symbolism in this story. I think you can relate the 1st story to back in WWII when the men left the factories to fight in the war. Women gave up time with their families to go and make planes tanks etc to help make money for the family as well as support their husbands that were fighting.. which would help spear head the movement for women to move out of the kitchen and into the workforce! which is a good thing in the long run!