Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In her first few paragraphs she talks about women's rights and then she says this quote and i like it alot "did I not feel that the time had fully come for the question of woman's wrongs to be laid before the public—did I not believe that woman herself must do this work—for woman alone can understand the height and the depth, the length and the breadth of her own degradation and woe" With this she is basically saying that i man cant write this for me or us women, because a man will never understand everything that a women must do. My thought was backed up with this quote "Man cannot speak for us—because he has been educated to believe that we differ from him so materially, that he cannot judge of our thoughts, feelings and opinions by his own."

She also talks about the different places in the world and how they treat their women, siting England were a women can hold the crown and vote. In the United States a women cant do anything like that, she says that "unrepresented in this government—our rights and interests wholly overlooked." The subject of colleges comes in and just about the time a man makes his mind up to go to school a woman is having to put her dreams aside to raise a family and be a wife, it was the natural thing to do at that time.

I like this line a lot "No God's commands rest upon man as well as woman, and it is as much his duty to be kind, gentle, self denying and full of good works as it is hers, as much his duty to absent himself from scenes of violence as it is hers"  Stanton is right! a man should never raise a hand to a women and he should do all of things that she list. As i was walking to the football game this past Saturday what looked like a freshman ran up to this boy( and i say boy because he looked all of 12 ) and the boy acted like he was going to hit, i mean hand cocked back, malice in his face and she cowarded down to him. That REALLY got under my skin, i was going to say something to him but my hands were full at the time. I couldnt defend my self if he would have started something, but looking back on it now i wish i would have.

While reading this i begun to think of a commerical i say the other day, i know you have all seen it.  

Watch this video and after think why in 1848 and in the 1900's women were looked down on? why were women put in the kitchen to never be heard from again? I must say that commerical is correct, women are the reason why our race continues into the next generation, without them the human race would be no more. i dont mean to sound like im beating up the male race here, but we are equal and i think men back in the early days didnt want to see that, because they wanted to live their life how they wanted too, and not have to worry about answering the the wife at home.


  1. Keith that is hilarious! I saw that commercial the other day, and thought "was that commercial really about what I think it was about!?" It does have a good message though, and I think you're awesome for connecting it to what Stanton said. It really does go with it! I never would have made that link.
    Stanton really was a eloquent woman. I really wish the camcorder was around in the 1840's because I would love to have seen her give this address in person. I bet it was very powerful. She really manages to stir the pot, and get you thinking about the inequities of society even today.

  2. Sorry that this is late i'm just finally getting my commenting thing to work.

    I agree i would have loved to see her give this speech live, i think she was a very powerful woman and it would have drum up a lot of support for her cause. I liked my video i posted but i think once we got in class, everyone else's meaning was different from mine when they watched it. I got the vibe that everyone thought that women were just objects used to propagate the race.

    I was looking at the video as women are a strong and very important part of our species. That we should treat them with respect and as equals.