Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Kinsman

This story really confused me alot. When i first starting reading it i followed it okay, then it just felt like it was dragging on. He would meet another person and they wouldnt know were his Kinsman was. The only idea i can make of this story was that the kinsman he was looking for was himself?  Maybe since he was a country boy he was trying to see if we could make it in the city?

But then there was the scene about finally meeting him. He a stanger wakes him, asks him if it was a dream, the man then asked to be taking back to the ferry to go home, that was really made me think that it was himself that he was looking for. that this was all a dream.

Or maybe this person is just a metaphor for the country as a whole, since this time period we have moved on into the idustrial period and people werent ready for it, like this person was with dealing with city life?

Im sorry if this is a bit all of the place, but i was just really confused by this story. so i figured i ask alot of questions!

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  1. Hi Keith! Ok I think I can help you a little bit with the story. I wrote in my blog that it seemed to me that all of the towns people Robin asked about his kinsman probably did actually know where/who he was. They just didn't tell Robin. Then when he sees them all again in the street they laugh at Major Molineux's treatment, and the fact that Robin has finally found the man he had been looking for.
    The part with the dream did get a little confusing to me too, but I think that was just Robin imagining his former home, and Hawthorne's way of showing us Robin's traditional christian values. I don't think the part of the story where Robin sees the crowd tar and feathering his kinsman is part of that dream.
    I don't know if you read it or not, but the reading guide on Black board really helped me with this one. I always read it before I start the actual assignment, just so I know the background of the story, autobiography, etc.

    See you tomorrow!