Thursday, September 1, 2011

Richard Allen

Richard Allen was a slave we found God at the age of 20, joined a Methodist church group. Thier master was a kind master, he believed that church made the slaves a better person. His master after hearing the word of God from the preacher found that it was wrong to keep slaves. He allowed Allen and his brother to buy their freedom.

Allen had a lot of different job after he left his master, including driving a wagon during the continental war. After the war he traveld around preaching the word of God, until 1784 when we became friends with Benjamin Abbot. He traveled around the Northeast meeting kind and nice people along the way. Allen and some other black preachers tried to start a black church, many other whtie preachers didnt take nicely to that.

In April 1816 the first African Methodist Episcopal church was formed.

I like his story alot. He starts in the begining as a slave finds God and it forever changes his path in life. If Allen wouldnt have found God, his master wouldnt have let him go and he would have been sold off after his death. Just like with the other story, its the Amercian dream. Richard Allen had very little in the begining and by the end he had preached in many towns of the North East and built the first African church in the north east.

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