Sunday, September 11, 2011

Songs to Myself

In the lines 1-9 to me it feels like he is making everyone equal,  then he talks about the sights and smells of everyday life the purfumes, the leaves, and the smell of the shore. Line 34 i like as well, he talks about how there are many years left for everyone. In lines 35-37 i think what he is trying to say here is, you wont have to take anyones word for it, "You shall listen to all sides, and fliter them from your self." Listen to both sides he says and fliter what they say, and then come up with an orignal idea of your own. People might think this is different from the beignning of the poem, making everyone equal then telling people to come up with your own ideas. Well i dont think so, me and you can be equal but we might not have the same thoughts as each other and thats fine.

In number 4 lines 68-72 he talks about everything that is going on in life at that time. Later in number 4 he says that he stands idle by complicant with were he is in life, he doesnt get caught up with those silly things. lines 80-81 are different, when he says that he looks backwards he see's the days were he sweated through the fog of linguists and contenders and that he has no arguments. Is he looking back on his life and not having any problem with what he has done in the past?

later a child asks him what is grass, and he didnt have any answer for him? how is that possible? grass is a plant that grows from the earth and covers the majority of it. See this is why i dont like over thinking things, so answer the question, dont answer it another question!

Should this poem make people feel better? Who was this poem for?

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